Due to the absence of open-air green spaces and the increasing urbanization, the problems of air pollution and reduced atmospheric humidity are intensifying. Green roofs, also known as a grass roofs or living roofs, contribute to the growth of outdoor green areas with multiple environmental, energy and economic benefits.

The company "ANAGNOSTOU" constantly develops and evolves its products with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the customer but also contributing to the protection of the environment. Ecological building in recent years has become one of the most important methods for upgrading the environment where we live in and work on.

For this purpose, the company "ANAGNOSTOU" has developed special substrates for the green roofs according to the type of the green-roof and the plant material. The substrates follow all the necessary Greek (GEOTEE) and International guidelines (FLL), contributes toward *LEED®* (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) & *SITES™* (Sustainable Sites Initiative) Green Building certification credits and carries laboratory analysis. In fact, the analyses are always carried out by an accredited testing laboratory comply with ELOT EN ISO/ICE 17025: 2005 and ESYD criteria.

Our special substrates are characterized by low bulk density to avoid any structural integrity issues, achieving the desired porosity, proper drainage and ideal aeration of the root system by evenly developing the roots of the plants for a balanced and intensive development and ensuring excellent water capacity.