Tree Bark BIG BAG
January 30, 2019
June 30, 2019

Compost BIG BAG

This package covers the need for large amount of compost to be used in gardening projects. It is suitable for the fertilization of vegetables and fruit trees. Compost is a soil conditioner, rich in macronutrients and micronutrients (including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), which ensures the optimal growth of plants.

  1. Rich in nutrients (N, P, K, micronutrients etc).
  2. Significant soil-improving properties
  3. Increases the percentage of organic matter in soils
  4. Free of pathogens and parasites.
  5. Free of phytotoxic substances.
  6. Increases total soil moisture
  7. Improves soil structure and soil texture.
  8. Recommended for reforestations
  9. Increases the soil temperature during the winter months.

  1. Potted plants: 30% compost, 70% soil
  2. Vegetables: 4-5 tons per hectare
  3. Major crops: 7-10 tons per hectare
  4. Tree planting: 30% compost, 70% soil per planting pit
  5. Tree orchards younger than 10 years old and vineyards: 15 lt per plant, at a distance of 0,5-2,0 m from the tree trunk (depends on the tree orchard)
  6. Tree orchards older than 10 years old: 40 lt per plant, at a distance of 1,0-4,0 m from the tree trunk (depends on the tree orchard)
  7. Sods and lawns: 15-20 lt/m2


Total Nitrogen (N)

2,5 – 3,0g/100g compost

Total Phosphorus (P)

0,8-1,0g/100g compost

Total Potassium (K)

2,0-2,5g/100g compost

Calcium Carbonated Equivalent (CaCO3)


Phytotoxicity Test – Germination Index


C/N ratio