Mix of White & Black Peat “Blumenerde”
March 6, 2018
March 7, 2018

For indoor & outdoor plants “Grow Plus”

Grow plus is an excellent soil based on white peat. It contains organic matter from the humification of plant debris (tree leaves, shattered twigs etc.), perlite and river sand. It is suitable for planting indoor and outdoor flowerpots and flowering plants (trees and shrubs) etc. It ensures homogeneous development of the root system and its proper aeration.

Recommended for: Flowers (gazania, demorfotheca etc.), flowering shrubs, ornamental and coniferous trees, Aromatic – Medicinal Plants etc.

Available in packages of: 12lt, 20lt and 40lt, as well as pallets of 200, 150 and 80 pieces, respectively.


Organic matter


Rich in

Free of

No added