Ready-mix for vegetable garden
February 1, 2018
For Indoor Plants “Epirus”
February 17, 2018

For Outdoor Plants “Epirus”

Organic matter from decomposed plant residues, suitable for planting of flowering plants, shrubs and trees with dense foliage. It holds significant moisture levels and ensures the proper root system aeration. It is also used as soil improver.

Recommended for: shrub and climbing roses, flowering shrubs (Evening Primrose, Lantana, Polygala, Callistemon, Artemisia, Oleander etc.), climbing plants (Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Bougainvillea etc.), aromatic and medicinal plants, conifers, fruit trees.

Available in packages of: 12lt, 20lt and 40lt, as well as pallets of 170, 150 and 80 pieces, respectively.


Organic matter


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