March 7, 2018
Natural Peat 250lt & 6000lt
March 8, 2018

Premium Soil

Premium Soil is an excellent quality advanced substrate ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. It is based on white and black peat and enriched with humus, perlite and zeolite, in perfectly ideal proportions, optimal performance and high purity. Premium Soil provides a slow and systematic release of nutrients to plants for a balanced and intense growth for a long time. It contributes to the ideal ventilation of the root system by evenly developing the roots of the plants and ensuring the necessary water-holding capacity.

Recommended for: Indoor and outdoor plants, planting and cultivating shoots and seeds, lawns, flowers etc.

Available in packages of: 20lt, 50lt and 70lt, as well as pallets of 150, 60 and 45 pieces, respectively.