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January 28, 2020
Substrate for Green-roofs BIG BAG
August 23, 2021

Substrate for Green-roofs

The advanced substrate for green-roofs follows all the necessary Greek (GEOT.EE) and international guidelines (FLL – German Landscape Research, Development and Construction Society) according to the type of the green-roof (extensive, semi-intensive, intensive) and the plant material, contributes toward *LEED®* (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) & *SITES™* (Sustainable Sites Initiative) Green Building certification credits and carries laboratory analysis.

The advanced substrates for green roofs are characterized by low bulk density in order to avoid any structural integrity issues and they achieve the desired levels of porosity, excellent water capacity, the proper drainage and the ideal aeration of the root system by evenly developing the roots of the plants for a balanced and intensive development.

Recommended for: Garden-roofs, Terraces, Green Roofs of all types (extensive, semi-intensive, intensive), Flower and window boxes etc.

Available in packages of: 15lt and pallets of 120 pieces.


Organic matter

Water permeability mod. Kf

0,3 – 70 mm/min

Maximum Water capacity

≥ 35 % v/v και ≤ 65 % v/v

Air content at maximum water capacity

≥ 10% vol

Salt Content

≤2.5 g/l

Free of

No added